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Photography by ©Two Cats in The Yard & ©Ceri Lambert
©2017 by The Crafty Badgers


Themed Collections and Button Badges

The Crafty Badgers is a small business based in Penarth, South Wales making quirky themed badge collections.
If you think that doesn't sound like a very grown-up job, you'd be right...


Ceri is the brains of the operation [who's laughing at the back??] but she's ably assisted by a small team of badge elves who are usually roped in by being the slowest people in the vicinity to run away when she asks "can someone help me?"

When not busy making badges Ceri enjoys burlesque, eating cake, hula hooping, eating cheese, making art and drinking rum.

Most of the collections are inspired by a sense of nostalgia, but we also try and come up with designs for all types of hobbies and interests. Please feel free to get in touch if there's a theme you think is missing!


All our collections are available unframed or framed for you convenience.

We use box frames that are made especially for us by a British manufacturer. They are available in either black or white and you can choose the framing option under each product.

We're happy to advise on other outlets that sell box frames.
Please note that box frames made by a famous Swedish home store are too big for our collections!

Badge Collections