I'm Ceri. I own The Crafty Badgers, a small business based in Penarth, South Wales.
I specialise in designing and making quirky gifts in the form of themed badge collections, button badges and limited edition badge art. If you think that doesn't sound like a very grown-up job, you'd be right!

The business was established in 2013, first as a little sideline to another craft and gift business but by 2015 taking over the whole house and every minute of the day.

I now work in my tiny studio at the bottom of the garden, graciously lorded over by Jeff (the cat).

While I'm the brains of the operation [who's laughing at the back??] I'm ably assisted by a small team of badge elves... or as they like to be known, my long-suffering family! They are usually roped in by being the slowest in the vicinity to run away when I ask "can someone help me?" so you'll sometimes see my son, Ossian, or husband, Kit, on the stall, and  Ro and T help me out back-stage.


When not busy making badges and custom gifts I perform as my burlesque as my alter ego, Oola Pearl.
She is WAY more glamorous than me and I love all the sparkles and burlesque cameraderie. I also enjoy knitting, cake (eating, not making), gardening, eating cheese and drinking rum. 

The badge elves enjoy fish n chips, complicated board games, running, watching movies and avoiding me when I look busy.

Emperor Jeff-Cat.
The Boss!

I'm super proud of my little business and love being part of the craft and makers community in Wales. Thanks for stopping by and I hope I'll see you at an event or help you with a special gift soon!

love, Ceri xx

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